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HeathrowPassenger Ambassador - Sales (UK)

The role of the Passenger Ambassador Sales is to be an Ambassador for Heathrow, the Ambassador should act professionally and be customer friendly at all times, with a helpful, polite and courteous manner in front of all passengers, colleagues and Retailers. The majority of the role will involve interacting with passengers, persuading them to shop if they had not planned to, or encouraging them to spend more by talking to them about offers and promotions across the Terminal.

The passengers/shoppers will be multinational, so an appreciation of different cultures is essential.

Heathrow lease concessions to a number of key retailers at each terminal. These retailers participate in promotions that you will need to bring to life for the general public.

Retailers include – Harrods, Sunglass Hut, WH Smith, Boots, World Duty Free and many restaurants and fashion brands


The responsibilities for a Passenger Ambassador Sales fall in to 3 main areas – Sales, Customer Care and Administration all of which will result in incremental Sales for Heathrow and their retailers,

The average spend per passenger must go up as a result of your presence on the terminal floor.


  1. Develop working relationships with all stores within the terminal, constantly improving your knowledge of their brands and promotions. This will enable you to sell with confidence.

  2. To maximise sales opportunities by creating an impact with all passengers post security. Approach all passengers with a smile and a benefit statement regarding the promotions on offer. The more passengers you approach and help, the more conversions achieved. A minute should not pass without a conversation with one or more passengers.

  3. Ensure maximum awareness of promotions within the terminal – Make sure all the retailers are displaying Point Of Sales and assisting in promoting and selling the ‘offers’. Make sure all literature and promotion material is on display at the central information point.

  4. To assist passengers with any particular shopping requests, directing them to appropriate retailers or escorting them if you feel a large sale will result .

  5. Report back to your line manager sales successes and all interactions with passengers

  6. Complete all passenger interactions in line with “The Heathrow Service Standards”. Documented in your induction manual.

  7. To use all the sales tools made available. Sales tools are – Leaflets, Samples and Point of Sale material, and YOU!

  8. To attend all, and actively contribute to, the monthly Team Meetings. Holidays need to be arranged around team meetings.

  9. At the request of the Terminal Manager/ Team Leader be available for client accompaniments that request to see the Passenger Ambassador Sales Role


  1. To ensure that all administration and paperwork is completed accurately, neatly and promptly in line with procedures, and posted to arrive by the day/date agreed.

  2. To observe, and report on all activity. Suggest improvements, new ideas, better ways of working etc.

  3. To monitor own performance against KPI’s on a daily basis – Key Performance Indicators and to update the Team Leader regularly (each week) on the performance and plans to improve your results


A critical part of your role is to assist all passengers with their enquires in a polite and professional way. Queries will embrace:

  • Directions for transfer passengers to other terminals

  • Directions to Airline desks

  • Directions to toilets, shops and restaurants

  • Directions to Gates for boarding

  • Directions to information desks

You are the Face of Heathrow - you must not bring this high quality brand in to disrepute through inappropriate interpersonal skills at any time.



  1. To enter the airport in a professional manner complying with security clearance

  2. To wear your uniform with pride in line with the Heathrow Service Standards, creating a great impression for retailer and team members

  3. To inform the Team Leader no later than one and a half hours prior to your shift if you are unable to work due to sickness.

  4. To be polite and professional at all times – not bringing Heathrow’s names in to disrepute

  5. Come to work with a “can do” attitude every day.


Courteous -well mannered-respectful-considerate-consistent

Approachable -cheerful-kind-enthusiastic-takes the lead

Ready to help -informative-proactive-thinks ahead-provides options

Expert -knowledgeable-good judgement-determined-calm


  • Terminal specific sales targets

  • 5% growth of shopping collect

  • Correct and accurate reporting procedures

  • Retailer Of The Week activity completed according to briefs

  • To Standard or higher on Work Withs and Audits

  • Assist on Daily Activities

  • Achievement of specific Promotions that are briefed every 4 weeksAchievement of the KPIs will result in part of your bonus payment and will be key in your review/appraisal meetings.

Job ID 2018-143441

Work City Hounslow

Position Type Regular Full-Time

Work Zip TW6 2GW

Starting average hours per week 37.5 +

Category Field Jobs