Acosta Sales & Marketing Space Technology Programmer (VBA)* in Charlotte, North Carolina


The Space Automation Developer provides planogram automation support to Acosta Space Management Solutions. This includes supporting customer and client-based teams for planogram development and analytics. The ideal Space Automation Developer candidate should possess a high level of expertise in space management software, be able to identify process inefficiencies, and possess programming skills to implement automated solutions.


  • Work with customer-based space management teams to determine best ways of automating current processes.

  • Work with project-based teams to identify, develop and deploy ad-hoc automation specific to current project needs.

  • Create tables, scripts and shortcuts to support merchandising planograms.

  • Track automation performance ROI versus performance by a human.

  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor Degree

  • Ideal candidate should have a minimum of two years’ experience in a Space Management related position.

  • Experience in JDA Space Automation or EYC Space Automation preferred.

  • Experience with IRI and Nielsen preferred.

  • Must have prior work experience in data analysis and space management systems and demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the technology required to operate and maintain such systems.

  • Experience in Microsoft Office macros/VBA, VB.NET, or C#.NET programming preferred.

  • Must demonstrate an ability to operate software applications including spreadsheets, word processing, graphics, e-mail, database management, and either JDA Space Planning, EYC Space Planning, or Spaceman Suite.

  • Must be able to effectively communicate with others.

  • Must be able to operate a computer.

  • Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Must be able to work remotely and track completion of work.

Acosta Sales & Marketing is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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Job ID 2018-145866

Work City Charlotte

PCN 201878

Position Type Regular Full-Time

Work Zip 28234

Starting average hours per week 37.5 +

Category Corporate Jobs