Acosta Sales & Marketing Ambassador, Brand in Austin, Texas


The Brand Ambassador will showcase featured products and allow customer/consumers to sample and/or view the product’s functionality. These demonstrations are typically performed at convenient stores,, department stores, discount clubs, and hypermarkets on a wide range of Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG’s).

As a Brand Ambassador, you will be representing our clients, communicating directly with the customer/consumer in a sales and marketing relations capacity. By showcasing the benefits, value, and usefulness of certain products, you will make them desirable to potential customers/consumers and influence sales at the store by facilitating in-store demonstrations. Depending on the Client Team, this role may promote sales Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer/Consumer (B2C).

A successful candidate for this role will be able to use positive persuasion to generate interest and engaging others using product samples and manufacture coupons and incentives. This is a non-commissionable role.


  • Promote sales through education of specific client products;

  • Demonstrate and explain products, methods, or services to persuade customers to purchase products or utilize services;

  • Engage with and provide product knowledge to targeted consumers

  • Identify selling opportunities. Talk to customers about their needs, provide solution with representing vendors’ product;

  • Provide and Set up product display tables.Provide product information, using samples, coupons, informational brochures, and other incentives to persuade consumer to buy products.

  • Record and report demonstration-related information such as the number of questions asked by the audience and the number of coupons distributed.

  • Identify competition and any significant changes in pricing, promotion and volume;

  • Implement and distribute point of sale materials

  • Create and maintain relationships with retail managers and employees.

  • Other miscellaneous duties assigned.


  • 1-3 years’ experience in customer service, sales, communication, teaching, and retailing. Retail grocery In-Store Brand Ambassadors may need to have cooking and food handling experience.

  • Prior experience in a position with direct customer contact is extremely desirable

  • Must be able to establish a quick rapport with a wide variety of people and communicate in a style that is likable, relatable, and persuasive

  • Must be well-spoken, energetic, and intuitive about the desires and needs of the average consumer

  • Be respectful and have a pleasing personality when interacting with customers at all times.

  • May be required to prepare/setup products for demo use. (i.e. on a hot plate or other cooking device for taste testing, assemble/disassemble product to display functional use, or stage product in dedicated workstation.

  • Be professional and articulate and be an ambassador of the product, the brand, and the retail stores in which they are working.

  • Must be prepared to travel, drive, and engage in considerable physical activity, stand for long periods of time;lift and move products, and use products and/or cook food as appropriate for the demonstration.

Job ID 2018-152183

Work City Austin

PCN 206605

Position Type Regular Part-Time

Work Zip 78744

Starting average hours per week 20-24

Category Field Jobs